co-executors of a will

Designating Co-Executors of a Will

Estate planning, including preparing your will, is filled with big decisions. One of the most important is your choice of executor (also called a “personal representative”). Your executor is the person who will administer your estate after your d… Read More
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Michigan Probate

Michigan Probate for Out-of-State Families

Losing a loved one is always hard, and having to settle their estate while you are still grieving can make things even more difficult. It’s challenging enough when you live near your family member’s last residence and can deal with estate matters… Read More
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Home in the forefront - personal planning concept

How a Ladybird Deed Can Protect Your Home From Probate

Avoiding probate is a priority for many people, and understandably so; they don’t want their family, already grieving their loss, to be confronted with administrative difficulties in settling their estate. Estate planning tools, such as living trus… Read More
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Lawyer working with client to contest a will

Five Reasons for Contesting a Will

Fewer than one percent of wills are challenged in court, and many of those challenges are unsuccessful. The fact of the matter is, it is not easy to overturn a will, or even a provision in a will. That said, the law of every state, including Michigan… Read More
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Close up of a Will

What You Can't Do With A Will

While a will is one of the most important estate planning documents you can have, there are things that it won’t cover. A will is just one part of a comprehensive estate plan. A will is a legally-binding statement directing who will receive your pr… Read More
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Conceptual hand written text showing probate

When to Hire a Probate Lawyer

If someone close to you has died and their will puts you in charge of administering their estate, you have probably been told that the first thing you should do is hire a probate lawyer. Similarly, if a loved one has died without a will in Michigan,… Read More
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Living Trust Documents

The Importance of a Living Trust in Michigan

If you are making or updating an estate plan, you may be wondering if a living trust should be a part of it. You may be under the impression that trusts are complicated or only for the wealthy. In reality, trusts offer a host of benefits, and you don… Read More
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caregiver walking with elderly woman outdoors

Responding to Elder Abuse in Michigan

Learning that an older family member is being mistreated is a gut-wrenching experience. At first, as with many other types of abuse, you may not want to believe it, especially if the abuser was someone who was supposed to be caring for and protecting… Read More
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Senior lady and a wheelchair - Elder Care Concept

Michigan’s Criminal Elder Abuse Statute

“Respect your elders” is something many of us heard as children, and we grew up with the understanding that older people deserved to be treated with deference and dignity. Our older parents and grandparents have cared for us, taught us, and prote… Read More
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100 dollar bill with facemask

Updating Your Estate Plan After COVID-19

As of this writing, COVID-19 infections appear to be on the decline in Michigan—some welcome good news after months of stress and worry over this novel infection. And while the decline in cases is a positive development, it is not reasonable to exp… Read More
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