Do not resuscitate purple bracelet on top of a hospital medical form - can a guardian sign a dnr concept

Can a Guardian Sign a DNR Order in Michigan?

In Michigan, a legal guardian has the right and responsibility to make medical decisions for an incapacitated person (ward). The guardian can, for instance, select the ward’s medical providers, consent to treatment on the ward’s behalf, and acces… Read More
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boy posing with his mom as they move him into college - power of attorney for college student concept

Do I Need Power of Attorney for My College Student?

If you are a parent, you know that in some ways, your child will always be your “baby.” But from a legal standpoint, your child is an adult at midnight on their eighteenth birthday. That creates a change in your relationship that neither of you m… Read More
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Application for Probate - avoid probate concept

How to Avoid Probate in Michigan

Many people, when asked about their estate planning goals, say that they want to avoid probate. Even if they are not entirely sure what the probate process involves, they have the sense that avoiding probate is a good thing—and often, they are righ… Read More
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New year resolutions 2024 list on desk - new year estate planning resolutions concept

New Year’s Resolutions and Estate Planning

As this blog post is published, we’re in the thick of the holiday season: shopping, decorating, attending parties, gathering with loved ones, and thinking about the year to come. Often, the holidays are also filled with reminiscences of loved ones… Read More
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silhouette of adult holding child's hand - adopted child inherit from biological parent concept

Can an Adopted Child Still Inherit From Biological Parents?

Most people expect that after their death, their property will go to their family. But what exactly does that mean? If you adopt a child, do they have the same inheritance rights under the law as any biological children you have? What about stepchild… Read More
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young couple estate planning with lawyer - start estate plan concept

When Should I Start an Estate Plan?

Most people don’t spring out of bed on their eighteenth birthday, eager to start their day with a good breakfast and a visit to the estate planning attorney. In fact, many people wait decades before making an estate plan, and some never make one at… Read More
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A blue ballpoint pen rests on top of trust documents - difference between testate and intestate concept

What Is the Difference Between Testate and Intestate?

These words don’t usually come up in conversation, but if you have recently been involved in dealing with a loved one’s estate, you may have heard the words “testate” and “intestate” and wondered what they mean. They sound very similar, b… Read More
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For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of New House. can you sell a house during probate concept

Can You Sell a House During Probate?

Often, when a homeowner dies, their house is the largest asset in their estate. Family members may need or want to liquidate the property as soon as possible. A house frequently represents more than its financial value, of course; it may hold treasur… Read More
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fountain pen and documents and notary stamp - pour over will concept

What is a Pour-Over Will?

In a nutshell, a pour-over will is a tool to make sure that everything in your estate passes according to the terms of your estate plan. In recent years, trusts have become an increasingly popular way to avoid probate and ensure that inherited assets… Read More
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Hands, love and care touching in support - what to expect at a guardianship hearing concept

What to Expect at a Guardianship Hearing

The decision to pursue guardianship of a loved one can be a difficult, but necessary one. Most family members who seek to become a guardian of a vulnerable person do so not because they want to control their loved one’s life, but because they belie… Read More
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