What Authority Does a Leg…

What Authority Does a Legal Guardian Have in Michigan?

If you are considering seeking guardianship of a loved one, you have almost certainly not come to this decision point easily. Particularly if that loved one is an older relative who is suffering from dementia, you may have spent months wrestling with… Read More
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Who Can Be Appointed a Pe…

Who Can Be Appointed a Personal Representative in a Probate Case?

A personal representative is the person in charge of overseeing and distributing the property owned solely by a deceased person, or decedent, at their death through the probate process. (Property owned jointly with others, or held in a trust, does no… Read More
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What Should I Do if a Tru…

What Should I Do if a Trustee or Personal Representative Isn’t Doing Their Job?

With the death of a loved one, normal routines and patterns can be thrown into disarray. That is why we encourage our clients to create an estate plan: so that in the days following a death, a trusted person can manage the assets of the deceased (dec… Read More
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The Three Documents Your…

The Three Documents Your College-Aged Child Should Sign

For most of your child’s life, you’ve been responsible for managing their healthcare, and any significant assets intended for them. When they wake up on their eighteenth birthday, you still see your beloved child—but the law sees a lega… Read More
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What Information Does a Trustee Owe a Beneficiary of a Trust?

From the perspective of the person creating a trust (called the settlor or grantor), a trust may have many advantages: probate avoidance, the ability to exert control over assets left to children and grandchildren, and the security of the knowledge t… Read More
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Can a Prenup Keep You From Inheriting From Your Spouse?

Most people think of prenuptial agreements, or prenups, as something to put in place in case of divorce: should you and your future spouse decide to part ways, the prenup can dictate whether there will be spousal support, and how property will be div… Read More
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Where Should You File Your Michigan Probate Matter? A Guide To Proper Venue

Where should you file your probate matter in Michigan? This hand guide will walk you though the rules to file in the right county. Read More
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Parental Rights and Responsibilities: Knowing Your Rights and How to Best Provide for Your Child

Whether you’re planning on becoming a first-time parent or you have half a dozen children, it’s important to know what your parental rights and responsibilities are. Historically, parental rights go hand-in-hand with parental responsibilities. Pa… Read More
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What To Consider Before Hiring A Probate Attorney In Michigan

How do you know what to look for before retaining a probate attorney in Michigan? This informative blog will provide you with invaluable tips to guide you in the right choice to represent you for your probate matter. Read More
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What Is Probate Mediation in Michigan?

Probate mediation is a valuable resource for families and other parties involved n a probate or elder dispute to resolve the dispute without the stress, cost and uncertainty of probate litigation. Read More
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