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Do you have concerns about your client's capacity?

You may have come across a situation where you have concerns that your client has, or you suspect has, evidence of some loss of memory, and/or problems with language, problem solving, and other thinking abilities. Perhaps you have an elder client who… Read More
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elder abuse michigan

Michigan to Assist Probate Attorneys in Fighting Elder Abuse

In Michigan, when an adult becomes incapable of making good decisions for him- or herself, someone needs to step in and help. Often that person is a guardian or conservator. A guardian makes personal decisions for a legally incapacitated person (ward… Read More
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Proposed Guardianship Ref…

Proposed Guardianship Reforms in Michigan

Legal guardianship is not an issue most people think about unless it is splashed across websites and tabloid television, as in the Britney Spears guardianship saga. But the reality is that guardianship abuse is widespread, even though it rarely gets… Read More
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caregiver walking with elderly woman outdoors

Responding to Elder Abuse in Michigan

Learning that an older family member is being mistreated is a gut-wrenching experience. At first, as with many other types of abuse, you may not want to believe it, especially if the abuser was someone who was supposed to be caring for and protecting… Read More
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Senior lady and a wheelchair - Elder Care Concept

Michigan’s Criminal Elder Abuse Statute

“Respect your elders” is something many of us heard as children, and we grew up with the understanding that older people deserved to be treated with deference and dignity. Our older parents and grandparents have cared for us, taught us, and prote… Read More
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man signing papers - Elder Undue Influence concept

Elder Undue Influence - A Checklist Of Red Flags

A check list of red flags for potential undue influence and exploitation of elder adults Read More
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How To Choose The Right Nursing Home In Michigan?

Choosing The Right Nursing Home In Michigan 47.8 million people, or 13% of the U.S. population are now over the age of 65. About 1.5 million of those people currently reside in nursing homes. A nursing home is a residential facility that provides ski… Read More
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