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conservator vs guardian

What’s the Difference Between a Guardian and a Conservator?

Conservators have been in the news lately, with singer Britney Spears pushing back in court against her father’s 13-year conservatorship over her. Many of the people standing outside the courthouse waving “FREE BRITNEY” signs have only a vague… Read More
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co-executors of a will

Designating Co-Executors of a Will

Estate planning, including preparing your will, is filled with big decisions. One of the most important is your choice of executor (also called a “personal representative”). Your executor is the person who will administer your estate after your d… Read More
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Home in the forefront - personal planning concept

How a Ladybird Deed Can Protect Your Home From Probate

Avoiding probate is a priority for many people, and understandably so; they don’t want their family, already grieving their loss, to be confronted with administrative difficulties in settling their estate. Estate planning tools, such as living trus… Read More
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Lawyer working with client to contest a will

Five Reasons for Contesting a Will

Fewer than one percent of wills are challenged in court, and many of those challenges are unsuccessful. The fact of the matter is, it is not easy to overturn a will, or even a provision in a will. That said, the law of every state, including Michigan… Read More
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Living Trust Documents

The Importance of a Living Trust in Michigan

If you are making or updating an estate plan, you may be wondering if a living trust should be a part of it. You may be under the impression that trusts are complicated or only for the wealthy. In reality, trusts offer a host of benefits, and you don… Read More
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Updating Your Estate Plan After COVID-19

As of this writing, COVID-19 infections appear to be on the decline in Michigan—some welcome good news after months of stress and worry over this novel infection. And while the decline in cases is a positive development, it is not reasonable to exp… Read More
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elder woman with mask

How Do I Have My Will And Other Legal Documents Witnessed And Notarized In Michigan During COVID?

Michigan is making electronic accommodations for witness and notary signatures during COVID The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us focus on the need to have our estate documents in order, especially powers of attorney and wills. But, what do we do… Read More
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Three Reasons to Have a P…

Three Reasons to Have a Power of Attorney

When you hear the term “estate planning,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you think of drafting a will or a trust, with the intention of disposing of your assets after your death. Many people are surprised to learn that estate p… Read More
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wedding rings - Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC

Can a Prenup Keep You From Inheriting From Your Spouse?

Most people think of prenuptial agreements, or prenups, as something to put in place in case of divorce: should you and your future spouse decide to part ways, the prenup can dictate whether there will be spousal support, and how property will be div… Read More
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revocable trust - Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC

Do I Need A Trust In Michigan?

One of the most common questions I am asked by a new client in an initial estate interview is “Do I need a trust?” The following are circumstances where a trust might be necessary or helpful to your asset planning: Tax Planning A trust ma… Read More
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