Estate Administration and Probate Lawyer

The loss of a beloved family member or close friend is never easy. In addition to dealing with the emotions of the loss, you may also be responsible for administering your loved one's estate, paying their final bills, and distributing their property to heirs or beneficiaries. The prospect of undertaking these duties when you are grieving can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, you do not need to shoulder this burden alone. The experienced staff at Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC concentrate their practice in probate matters, and are adept at the administration of trusts and estates of all sizes

Just because we routinely handle these cases, however, does not mean that they are routine to us. We never lose sight of the fact that each matter we deal with represents a real person who is being mourned, and a real family who is grieving. Each is unique, and we treat every estate or trust matter with the personal attention it deserves.

Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC works with personal representatives of Michigan estates and trustees of Michigan trusts. Many of the personal representatives and trustees we assist reside outside of Michigan. We take pride in being responsive to the needs of our clients and keeping them fully informed so that they can have peace of mind regarding the administration of their loved one's estate or trust.

Michigan Probate and Trust Administration

Like estate administration through the probate court, trust administration has the same ultimate goal: distributing the assets of the deceased to the intended recipients. The mechanics are somewhat different, however.

Probate is the court-supervised process of identifying, gathering, securing and distributing the deceased's property according to the will if one exists, and according to Michigan law if there is no will. Trust administration is generally not supervised by the court. In fact, many people who create trusts do so in order to bypass the probate process, which can sometimes be lengthy.

Both processes require someone to administer the estate or trust assets after the death of another person. Because it is understood that it is a benefit to the estate or trust to have competent legal guidance, attorney fees are typically paid out of estate or trust assets, not out of the pocket of the personal representative or successor trustee.

Compassionate, Knowledgeable Guidance for Michigan Estates and Trusts

Estate and trust administration make up a substantial portion of our practice. Because we frequently assist with the administration of trusts and estates, we are able to operate efficiently and keep costs reasonable. We take pride in being responsive to the needs of our clients.

Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with ample free parking near the office. The firm is only minutes away from the Washtenaw County Courthouse. Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC regularly works with clients in Washtenaw, Wayne, Monroe, Livingston, Genesee and Lenawee Counties and throughout Michigan, as well as individuals outside of Michigan who require the help of a local attorney.

We invite you to learn more about the firm and our services, and to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your trust and estate administration needs. We look forward to working with you.