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How to Avoid Probate in Michigan

Many people, when asked about their estate planning goals, say that they want to avoid probate. Even if they are not entirely sure what the probate process involves, they have the sense that avoiding probate is a good thing—and often, they are righ… Read More
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A blue ballpoint pen rests on top of trust documents - difference between testate and intestate concept

What Is the Difference Between Testate and Intestate?

These words don’t usually come up in conversation, but if you have recently been involved in dealing with a loved one’s estate, you may have heard the words “testate” and “intestate” and wondered what they mean. They sound very similar, b… Read More
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Last Will and testament document with pen - Find a will concept

What to Do If You Can’t Find the Will After Someone Dies

The days and weeks after a loved one’s death are difficult, as you deal with your grief and begin adjusting to life without your family member. Unfortunately, the mourning period often involves the need to probate your loved one’s estate. Probate… Read More
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Inheriting a house with a mortgage

What Happens When You Inherit a House with a Mortgage?

Inheriting property can be complicated, both emotionally and financially. This is especially true when your inheritance is a house. You are likely still dealing with the loss of your loved one, and now must make decisions about what happens to their… Read More
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When Should the Personal Representative of an Estate Be Removed?

A personal representative (PR) of an estate is in a position of trust. The PR is the person appointed by the probate court to manage and distribute a deceased person’s (decedent’s) estate. The PR may be an executor named in a will, or someone sel… Read More
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When to Hire a Probate Lawyer

If someone close to you has died and their will puts you in charge of administering their estate, you have probably been told that the first thing you should do is hire a probate lawyer. Similarly, if a loved one has died without a will in Michigan,… Read More
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What To Consider Before Hiring A Probate Attorney In Michigan

How do you know what to look for before retaining a probate attorney in Michigan? This informative blog will provide you with invaluable tips to guide you in the right choice to represent you for your probate matter. Read More
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What Is Probate Mediation in Michigan?

Probate mediation is a valuable resource for families and other parties involved n a probate or elder dispute to resolve the dispute without the stress, cost and uncertainty of probate litigation. Read More
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man signing papers - Elder Undue Influence concept

Elder Undue Influence - A Checklist Of Red Flags

A check list of red flags for potential undue influence and exploitation of elder adults Read More
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When Is Probate Litigation The Right Choice in Michigan?

Probate disputes typically involve private family matters: the death of a loved one, conflict over an inheritance or concern over the decline of a elder relative. The best outcome is to resolve disputes about family members privately without the inte… Read More
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