Can I sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form if I am the guardian?

Yes, under the guardianship, you have the authority to execute a DNR on behalf of the ward with the following requirements:

  • The guardian must visit the ward 14 days before the guardian can legally execute a DNR on behalf of the ward, and the guardian must attempt to discuss the DNR order with the ward if meaningful communication with the ward is possible.
  • The guardian must personally consult with the ward’s attending physician regarding the basis for the DNR order.
  • The guardian must provide a copy of the DNR order to the ward’s attending physician and to the administrator of the facility in which the ward resides. If the ward resides in a private home, the DNR must be available in the residence.
  • The DNR is valid for a year, at which time it can be reaffirmed by the guardian but only if the guardian once again visits with the ward and discusses with the ward’s physician.
  • Once the DNR is executed, the guardian can attach a DNR bracelet to the ward’s wrist.