Reviews of Ann Arbor Probate Attorney Suzanne Fanning

Below are actual 5-star client reviews of Ann Arbor, Michigan probate attorney Suzanne Fanning. Suzanne R. Fanning PLLC appreciates our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Working with the firm of Suzanne Fanning has been one of the easiest transactions ever. The firm was very responsive and provided everything we needed. I would highly recommend them for any legal transactions you might have. Thank you to everyone that works there - - everyone was extremely pleasant and accomodating.

– B.P.

Suzanne and her team were professional, prompt, knowledgeable and practical. I could not have been happier.

– K.L.

This lady is great, she help me work thought one of the hardest time in my life…I would recommend her to everyone…she was a gift from God for me…All the office staff was wonderful to work with….

– H.K.

Ms Fanning worked diligently, expediently, and professionally preparing briefs, writing rebuttals, writing interrogatories and depositions questions that were on point. I would recommend her to anyone needing probate work. She was easy to work with and very bright.

– Pat, Probate Law Client

Ms. Fanning helped my family navigate the probate court and deal with some challenging issues when we accepted guardianship of a child whose parent passed away. Ms. Fanning's advice and assistance was of great value to us and allowed us to accomplish our goals as soon as possible.

– Cameron, Child Guardianship Client

Ms. Fanning did an excellent and thorough job in helping me and my stepson and his wife gain control over my granddaughter after her father fell on hard times and couldn't provide for her safety and welfare.

– Stephen

Suzanne Fanning came into our lives at a time when our family was in great need of advice, assistance with finding a suitable placement for my mother, and action. She communicated with our family often giving us great comfort that all the many legal loose ends were being taken care of properly. Recently, she was able to also assist a colleague of mine and she also received the much needed help required with similar out of state needs. It is hard enough navigating the needs of elder care when you live nearby, it is nearly impossible when living 700 miles away — unless you have someone with the sensitivity and work ethics of someone like Suzanne.

– Kathleen

I needed a lawyer to help with the guardianship process for my two autistic children since they are turning 18 and my job currently keeps me out of state. I emailed and called several law firms that worked in this area of the law. Most replies were impersonal, take out a second mortgage on your house and we will talk. Then there was Suzanne. She was kind, patient and very knowledgeable about the court we would be dealing with. She answered all of my phone and email questions like this case was important. She dealt with all the paperwork expertly and in court secured full guardianship for me when the court was pressing for only partial. And amazingly, Suzanne did it all for a fee that was so reasonable for my family that I could not thank her enough. If you need a lawyer in this area of the law I would highly recommend contacting her.

– Adam, Guardianship Client

After the passing of my father, I was overwhelmed with the amount of paper work that he had left behind. After following the winding trail of a friend, of another friend's recommendation (who was no longer in practice), I came upon the number of Suzanne. Even though she was on vacation, she was still working in her office. She met with my sister and myself the very evening we called. Suzanne looked over the paperwork and gave us several options of how to proceed. She was very kind and knowledgeable, making us both feel at ease. She laid out all of the paperwork we would need based on our father's financial situation at the time of his death. While this first meeting was just a consultation, we both left feeling more informed and having a clearer direction of how to proceed. As we dove deeper into the estate, we found that we will indeed need a lawyer to help us, so Suzanne will be our first choice!

– Mary

Suzy helped my husband and me with some sensitive problems with the settling of my father's estate. Suzy was warm and understanding about the difficulty of the situation. Not only did she address all of the issues with great competence, but she was also a pleasure to work with!

– Janet

Couldn't have asked for better counsel. I especially liked that she explained the whole legal process as this was the first legal case I have been involved with. Very knowledgeable in the areas of a Trust being contested. She is a great litigator.

Comes to court prepared. Gave us options to save us money. Gives personal attention to her cases. Knows the personalities in the legal community in the area, which is very important to know the lawyer you are fighting against and the judge who is presiding. Doesn't waste time or billable hours. Knows what it takes to win a case. Seems hard to say these days about lawyers but I feel she is an honest lawyer with ethics.

– Eileen, Trust Litigation Client

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Fanning regarding a complicated guardianship case regarding my autistic child. An emotional subject for me, which Ms. Fanning handled with the utmost professionalism. In our conversation, Ms. Fanning shared her vast knowledge with compassion and kindness, acknowledged my position, and advised me not only of my legal rights, but also of the best way to move forward personally now and in the future. Highly recommend.

– Wendy, Guardianship Client

Working with the firm of Suzanne Fanning has been one of the easiest transactions ever. The firm was very responsive and provided everything we needed. I would highly recommend them for any legal transactions you might have. Thank you to everyone that works there - - everyone was extremely pleasant and accomodating.

– B.P.

Suzy and her team are amazingly personable and helpful with my estate planning, and they never batted an eye at my unusual circumstances!

– B.D.

Suzanne is by far an exceptional Trust attorney. Her 5-star reviews are a truly accurate rating.

My first consultation with Suzanne was by telephone, and I had several questions to ask her regarding administration of a complex Trust. I never felt rushed or limited to the amount of questions I asked. She had a grasp on my issues right away, and explained things clearly and thoroughly and didn't charge me anything. I knew from that initial consultation she was the person I wanted to consult further regarding details of the Trust. Suzanne is such a friendly, warm person that I was totally relaxed during our meeting and I was amazed at the exceptional level of her expertise and clear explanations. During my lifetime I have had consultations with and trusts written by three other Trust attorneys, so when I say she is exceptional, it is with first-hand comparison.

– Anita, Trust Administration Client

After the death of my wife I turned to Susie to modify my will so it was appropriate for my new role as a widower.

I had been married for 35 years to the love of my life. So this period in my life was difficult.

Susie listened. She took the time to understand the loving dynamic that is my family relationship. She crafted a document that not only met my legal needs but captured the spirit of my family. An example of this is the language that she included that explained how my brother in law was not inheriting any of my assets not out of malice but because his financial situation was so good that it was a decision he and I had made together. That we both felt the money could better serve other members of my family.

Since crafting my will I have turned to Susie many times for guidance as I make this transition to my new life. I will be returning soon to work with her to make further modifications to my will and estate.

I can without hesitation recommend her to anyone who needs advice legal and otherwise.

– Chuck, Estate Planning Client