After the passing of my father, I was overwhelmed with the amount of paper work that he had left behind. After following the winding trail of a friend, of another friend's recommendation (who was no longer in practice), I came upon the number of Suzanne. Even though she was on vacation, she was still working in her office. She met with my sister and myself the very evening we called. Suzanne looked over the paperwork and gave us several options of how to proceed. She was very kind and knowledgeable, making us both feel at ease. She laid out all of the paperwork we would need based on our father's financial situation at the time of his death. While this first meeting was just a consultation, we both left feeling more informed and having a clearer direction of how to proceed. As we dove deeper into the estate, we found that we will indeed need a lawyer to help us, so Suzanne will be our first choice!