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no contest clause

Should I Include a No-Contest Clause in My Will?

Your last will and testament is supposed to give effect to your wishes for what happens to your property after your death. Having a will typically promotes family harmony by making your wishes clear and preventing your family from fighting over what… Read More
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Michigan Probate

Michigan Probate for Out-of-State Families

Losing a loved one is always hard, and having to settle their estate while you are still grieving can make things even more difficult. It’s challenging enough when you live near your family member’s last residence and can deal with estate matters… Read More
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Michigan Probate Filing D…

Michigan Probate Filing Deadlines Extended Due to COVID-19

Michigan has been particularly hard-hit by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and hospitals have been overwhelmed. In order to stem the tide of cases, most Michiganders have been following recommendations for physical distancing and staying at hom… Read More
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Death Certificate

Do I need a death certificate to open an estate in Michigan?

A guide to alternative documents you can use to open an estate in Michigan when there is no death certificate. Read More
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man signing papers - Elder Undue Influence concept

Elder Undue Influence - A Checklist Of Red Flags

A check list of red flags for potential undue influence and exploitation of elder adults Read More
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elderly woman in a hospital - guardianship concept

What is a Guardian?

In Michigan, the need for guardianship is growing as the numbers of aging adults with diminished capacity increase. In this blog post, I explain what a guardian does, as well as a guardian’s powers and limitations. What is a Guardian? A guardia… Read More
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man drinking whiskey - AUD in Elders Concept

Alcohol Use Disorder in Elder Adults

Alcohol Abuse in Elders By 2030, one-third of the U.S. population will be age 55 or older. There is no reason why elder adults should not be able to drink responsibly as they age. However, excessive alcohol abuse, known as Alcohol Abuse Disorder (AUD… Read More
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What Information Should The Personal Representative Give Estate Beneficiaries

What Information Should a Personal Representative Provide to Estate Beneficiaries? Frustrated heirs will often contact me, frustrated at the lack of information they have received in a probate estate. Unfortunately, estate heirs and devisees don̵… Read More
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woman signing papers - undue influence concept

What is Undue Influence?

What Is Undue Influence? Undue influence occurs when an often elderly or person with diminished capacity, is subjected to threats, misrepresentation, undue flattery, fraud or physical or moral coercion. This overpowers the person’s free agency… Read More
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Good Will Hunting? What to do if you can't find the will after someone dies

What to do if you can’t find the will after someone dies When a loved one dies, one of the first things you might need to do is look to see if he or she left a will. However, what do you do if you can’t find the original will? Surprisingl… Read More
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